Hello World

Garden Philosophy

Silent night, holy night, see the earth rising above the lunar surface. This view taken by astronaut William Anders impressed the whole Apollo 8 crew in the same way as it impresses us solely by looking at it.

This beautiful photo makes us not only  feel tiny and aware of the beauty of this planet but also of its vulnerability. We get the opportunity to leave our footprints on its surface, breath its air, drink its water and watch its plants to grow . Let us be prudent and leave mother earth in the same condition as we found it or even better.

A vulnerable world

On this tiny pale blue spot there is also a tiny spot where we have created Viller the Garden. A world on its own and also vulnerable. Strong west winds can suddenly break off beautiful flowers. The heath of the sun in midsummer can make your plant as limp as a rag or even  worse completely kill a rare specimen. 

Poppies a symbol of remembrance. Let us enjoy this world and not destroy.
Photograph by Frank Fritschy

Dig in the soil !

But above all our garden gives pleasure and consolation. You can’t stop the wars or change the world. But you can close the gate of your garden and hope to exclude the devastating forces which destroy and spoil this lovely planet. Don’t feel intimidated by the bad news of the daily newscasts. Go into your garden and dig in the soil. Plant, sow and watch a miracle to take shape. Be amazed, be optimistic, good natured and start to believe that everything will come right.

„Plant, sow and watch a miracle to take shape“

In my blogs, I will report on what is going on in this garden. Join me when I stroll through our garden, share lovely moments with me.

Happy New year to you all and see you in the garden.

This blog was inspired by Werner Friedrichs book Im Garten. Thank you Werner for writing it and Thank you Claudia for giving it to us.